Friday, June 28, 2013


I know its a long shot but has anyone ever endured a real birching. If so I would like some info on how to make a birch and find out what it felt like.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here is a small clip of a light switching I received. It wasn't laid on too hard. I would love one day to feel a good old fashioned birching from my wife. Has anyone had this experience?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Caning article.

I'm sure many readers have viewed the article below before. In my opinion it is still the best description of how the lady of the house should use the cane. 

Without doubt there is little, if anything, to rival the effect of a sound caning. With its sharp penetrating sting, followed by a period of acute pain and soreness, and subsequent bruising, the cane is extremely effective in not only bringing immediate correction to the one to whom it is administered, but continues to remind him of both the offense and punishment for quite some time! Until recently every headmaster and headmistress in the UK had a collection that was in regular use, and no wife such as myself is to be found without several at her disposal.

It is interesting that women in the USA are more interested these days in the use of the cane for correction, and I'm sure that they will be more effective and more satisfied, and their bad boys more obedient, as it's use increases. And so I would like to draw upon my experience to help those now starting out, cane in hand, to help them avoid some of the mistakes that I made in my early days. If it's not for you, then please do not be offended by what I describe below. We each need to find what is right for us!

What I am going to describe is not supposed to be in any way pleasurable for the recipient. He will dread it! It is intended to correct bad behavior, and the recipient will hate every second of it.

Historical Background

Until Victorian times in the UK, most serious corporal punishment in schools was by birching, which necessitated the baring of the buttocks. However, a view started to prevail amongst the middle classes that it was improper to bare the buttocks, and this was coincident with the arrival of rattan cane by traders visiting the Orient. Finding that a rattan cane would deliver acute penetrating pain through two or more layers of clothing, caning was quickly adopted by most educational institutions and indeed, many households.

The Cane

I am English and use a traditional crook handled rattan cane. Do not use bamboo, as it is not flexible, whereas rattan is extremely flexible, which is essential. Canes come in different lengths, and this is a matter of personal preference. Thicker canes will land with more of a thud, and give deeper pain and more bruising, whereas the thinner canes give more of a sting and tend to cut the flesh. As I use my canes fairly frequently, my stock consists of those that I consider 'everyday' canes.

Let me describe the cane. In my opinion, it should not be shorter than 2 feet in length, and not much longer than 3 feet. If it is too long it will be difficult to control, and if it is too short, it will not make such an impact. In diameter my canes are around 6-8 mm. The business end of the cane should be rounded in order not to cut.

The Chair.

The chair is likewise important. It must be the right shape and size, and it must be strong! With regard to shape, it needs to be an upright dining chair, because your boy is going to stand behind it and bend right over to grasp the front legs low down. The size of the chair is also important, because it has to ensure that your boy fits round it properly. The height of the backrest is critical - it should be a little lower than his waist, to ensure that he can stretch himself right over. Too low, and he will be too far over! Too high, and he will not get over properly.


As with most skills in life, practice is necessary, and the more you do it, the better you'll get! But before you cane him at all, practice! I would suggest that you take the long cushion from a sun lounger and place it against the back of the chair, and bend it over the chair as you imagine your boy will be. Then, using the technique I shall describe below, practice thrashing the sun lounger with the cane, modifying your technique as required, until you feel comfortable and proficient in its use.

Cutting the skin

One of the problems I have encountered over the years has been cutting the flesh. Personally, I do not like to cut the flesh but cutting at times cannot be avoided. I have insisted he wear white stretch silk boxer shorts that are like a second layer of extremely thin skin pulled tightly over his bottom, and give an extra layer of protection from cutting whilst giving negligible protection from the pain. (And yet having said that, I still cane him on his bare bottom when I feel like it, and without cutting! And then again, I caned him so very hard with his trousers up recently, that I cut him even through them!)

Caning Technique

Then tell him to stretch right over, and grasp the front legs of the chair. This is important, as it will stretch the tissues of his bottom tightly across the underlying bone. These are the tissues you are going to thrash, and the tighter they are against the bone, the more damage you can do, and the more pain you can inflict. Tell him he is not to remove his hands from the legs of the chair, or his feet from the ground.

This you will have practiced, but as time goes by you will get better and better! Your object is to place strokes of the cane horizontally across his bottom, resulting in a series of evenly spaced raised welts from the middle of his bottom to the tops of his thighs. Depending on how many strokes you are going to give, you will have to judge the spacing.

Hold the cane horizontally across his bottom with the end resting slightly further than halfway across the far cheek. Tap it gently. Bring the cane back horizontally, but keeping your eye firmly on the target area, and then rapidly bring your arm forward as hard as you can, flicking with your wrist, to thrash the business end of the cane hard into his bottom, about halfway up. As it accelerates at speed through the air, the cane should make a noise somewhere between a whistle and a hum (a whistle for a thin cane, and a hum for a thick one), and land with a 'Thwack'.

Your second stroke will be a little lower than the first. Repeat the procedure, thrashing the cane a little lower than the first stroke. The pain will intensify, as pain is added to existing pain!

You will notice at this point that the far cheek of his bottom (his right if you are right-handed) is taking more punishment than the near cheek, and it is extremely difficult to thrash both sides evenly. I have therefore devised the following technique to ensure that both sides of his bottom are experiencing severe pain. I give every third stroke to the near cheek only.

So for the third stroke, step back and tap just the near cheek with the tip of the cane. You will need also to move very slightly to your left. Repeat the above procedure into the left cheek only, placing the stroke between the two previous strokes. For the fourth stroke, aim just below your second stroke, your fifth below the fourth, and your sixth between the fourth and fifth.

The number of strokes is for you to decide. I give 6 strokes when 6 minor offenses have been committed, and I find that this keeps him very attentive to good behavior. The pain of each stroke continues in intensity for quite a long time, and each subsequent stroke doubles, triples, etc.

The Apology

When he is more composed, tell him to stand up and pull up his pants. Tell him you will not stand for such behavior as he has exhibited, and tell him to apologize. Make sure the lesson has been learnt.

His bottom will feel on fire for quite some time, and be sore for a few days. He will experience acute pain when he sits down. But it will correct bad behavior


A good leathering

I enjoy this photo. It looks like the guy is in for a good 'leathering' with the tawse.

Favourite pictures

I wanted to post  pics of F/M discipline on an ongoing basis hopefully to encouirage some comments. I will include some good F/F pics from time to time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Question on recovery time.

I have a question on how long it takes to recover from spankings. I seem to have a bottom which will be back to normal within hours sometimes. Even after 12 strokes of the cane from my wife that are fairly well laid on my bare backside I can look after a few hours and the stripes are almost faded. This is the same for the tawse and paddle. Anyone care to share their insights into recovery time.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Any requests would be welcome.

Now and again we do enjoy the excitement of making small spanking clips. We would consider any requests to see a certian kind of punishment. Cane, strap, paddle, tawse and hand are the favs. Being British I do usually favour the cane and tawse though funnily enough they hurt the mosy lol