Friday, June 28, 2013


I know its a long shot but has anyone ever endured a real birching. If so I would like some info on how to make a birch and find out what it felt like.


  1. I have given one but not felt it

    East to make, 5 or 6 long limbs 36-40 inches and as thick as a pencil

    Bind a handle a third to a quarter it length from the thick end, trim the ends so they are equal in length and make sure there are not too many ragged bits.

    Whack on

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    1. My wife canes or straps me quite often and I frequently squirm about when I sit down soon after -very embarrassing if we visit my Mum or MIL who is a teacher and very keen on punishing me having for 2 years of demanding from my wife, the right to cane me for skimping on work I have to do for her or being rude to her on my visits!It came in two stages firstly over trousers but now she can order me to undress for the cane omy bare bottom! She however suggested to my wife that they also give me the birch sometimes! My wife surprisingly agreed saying to me that she thought it oould do me good to feel it across my bare bum ! It was horible -I had to help them cut switches andmake up the birch! My wife made me take my trousers off before she removed my underpants off to reveal my erect penis and they gave me a warm up spanking by hand! I had to bend over a chair and my shirt ws pinned up before my wife gave me the first cut! It swished down andI I gasped as it hurt and was the first of 10 ,they gave me five each ! My bum and thighs were on fire and apart from my loud cries ,I started to cry , tears running dowm my cheeks!They were very pleased with the results of their birching and said it was not the last I would receive!They monitored my bum for several days ,buti was lucky I had no cuts, but a couple of scrathes! The marks were there for a week .CL

    2. Hi! I am one of those husbands who are punished at home!Me by my lovely wife 27, a year older than me and she believes in giving me a good disciplinary caning and the strap, and puts me in detention as well . It is awful really, as I miss my local rugby team play as well as having a painful bottom ! She does not keep it between us as her close friend,her older sister with her Mum are also there! When they all arrive we go into the spare down stairs room and she reads the reason for my caning out and then orders me to take my trousers off, she then removes my pants revealing my usual erect penis,which always attracts laughs, gasps and cheers! I then go or her knees for each person to smack my well rounded bottom by hand 3 times ,which warms up my buttocks. Over the chair I bend for along moderate caning across my bum ,thighs and even legs sometimes! I do cry out as the pain builds up but do my best not to start to cry , which sonmetimes happens !i get about 18 strokes before she finishes with two hard strokes!!I et two strokes on each hand when I do corner time! Ron

    3. Hi,I have had the birch just 3 times from my wife. Last time was for flirting at the office Christmass party when I had drunk too much . Kay was furious and we left early and in was made to sleep in our spare bedroom!Next day was Saturdy and afgter shopping we went to her mothers house which was detached providing space so the counds of my birching would not be heard! I was undressed by them before two of her aunties arrived aunties and two close friends of my wife! I was taken into the lounge and stood in the corner my bare bottom facing them ! As I turned to walk to the old school desk in the study. with hands by my side, so they could all see my erect penis and my balls, jiggling about! I bent over the desk and with no delay her two friends gave me a warm up spanking whixch i enjoyed before my wife started to give me moderate stokes of the five switch birch! It hurt from the start and she gave me ten strokes which brought me close to tears from the stinging pain! More corner time followed with them all comion hover th examine my bum and legs ! half an hour later i was allowed togo and soothe my burning bum cheeks ! She also promsed me three canings in front of her Mum over the next month but she also invited jher freinds to see each one! KR.